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Thank you for being interested in Fusion Advisors’ blog!  If you’d like to see and perhaps read earlier blogs, they are available on my website… Fusionadvisors.com.  But…. while you’re here, why go there?  Here is a summary of the blogs with a link to the full posts.  Enjoy!!!

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DSC_0104 - Version 2Seeding the Fall Garden

Fall is wonderfully busy with teaching at Georgia Tech….. The foundation of my leadership and entrepreneurship classes is awareness. Awareness:  acquiring knowledge and learning tools to understand new perspectives about ourselves and organizations. Awareness:  consciously  integrating the new material……Read more…

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diving1Diving into History

History fascinates me. Not necessarily the kind I got in school, where we memorized facts, figures, and outcomes; but the history that shares stories about people, cultures, and time. This version helps me understand the “why and how” of life that came before, through which I can develop a deeper understanding of the world in which we live….Read more…

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DSC_0244Expanding into New Ideas

I thought it would be of interest to dive into books that got me thinking – either because of what they said or how they said it. The first book that popped into my mind often finds its way into my conversations and teaching – The Starfish and the Spider. ..with a thought-provoking subtitle “The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations”….Read more…

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imagesNavigating Paradox

Last week on Facebook, I smiled at the posting of a Monopoly card.  It read…Get Out of PARADOX Free……“The bearer of this card is entitled to hold 2 or more conflicting beliefs at any given time.”….…..It got me thinking….More often than not, even seemingly simple questions create conflicting answers, each with their own train of thought..  Read more…

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IMG_0430Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Part 2

In the last few blogs, we’ve looked at life inside organizations – and specifically, where the “Personal” view (you) meets the “Not-Personal” view (the organization).  Yes, our job is “Personal”.  And, when all is going well, “Personal” works just fine. But, when decisions impact us adversely, “Personal” doesn’t feel so good. That’s okay too. The feeling prompts awareness and the question, “Now what?”, opens our attention to create next steps.  Read more….

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IMG_0441 - Version 2Where the Rubber Meets the Road – It’s our Life

“Know thyself” ….. Inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Most commonly ascribed to Plato and found in the teachings of 11 ancient Greek sages.    Let’s see how  how this might inform our understanding of the organizational Personal and Not-Personal conversation.   Read More….

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DSC_0474 - Version 2The Secret Ingredient

I learned a long time ago that it’s one thing to do something well – and it’s totally different to teach  someone else to do it.   When we’re learning and expanding a skill, our creativity and focus are on what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and the results. Teaching, our creativity and focus are on interpreting what we already know how to do, and building content for others to learn and integrate the material.    Read more..

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C Lazy U - Sarah - 2009 148 - Version 2Personal, Not-Personal – Part 2

Having written It’s Personal, the thought occurred to me – “This is not a “rocket science” conclusion. Of course business is personal.”  ….. Marketing gurus are aficionado’s at evoking an emotional response sufficient for us to dive into our wallet…….   Although the business-to-business (B2B) community presents Not-Personal by presenting ROI, people make the decisions.  Not-Personal – definitely. Personal – of course.  Read more…

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DSC_0487It’s Personal

How many times have you heard or even said in a business setting, “It’s not personal”?  Is this true?  Our life is personal – everything we do, think and feel comes through us, irrespective of how many others have done the same thing. This includes our work…… we are the ones doing it. We bring our energy, our personal energy, to every moment.  Read more…

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